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Do you know, meditation is the key to a company's growth !!

Dealing with distractions and unprecedented amount of information is draining most of our energy. It is substantially reducing attention span of employees as well as managers. Constantly changing demands, deadlines, emails, texts, messages, phone calls and colleagues add further to the chaos. Result? Your employee’s day is spent of managing the information. The excess of information is also leading to “loss of ability to make decisions, process information and prioritize tasks.” In such chaotic scenario, with a view to increase productivity of employees, giant companies around the world are turning to meditation. Even in the modern times, companies are realizing fundamental need for silence, inner peace and clarity to drive growth of the company. Meditation is much more than relaxation. It can improve employee’s performance by: • Improving cognitive function – better concentration, memory & learning ability • Reducing costs of staff absenteeism caused by stress • Improving productivity and overall staff well-being • Creating Awareness/Mindfulness of staff • Enhancing employee job satisfaction Meditation is a visible and tangible Corporate Responsibility stance for driving rapid growth of the company and its employees.

Innovation and inspiration are born at the individual level and thus each individual vitally contributes to the growth of a company. If a company provides its employees a stage to explore their limitless creativity and potential, it is going to contribute greatly to the company’s growth in future. In addition to that, success of the company depends highly upon employees’ clarity of mind and their focus on goals. This can be achieved through inner calm and peace, which are by-products of meditation. Improved Communication A cluttered mind can never express clear thoughts. Clear, effective communication between managers and employees is very important for the smooth running of business operation. Clear communication is a result of clarity and focus that meditation brings to the workplace. Decreased absenteeism- which is a by-product of cluttered mind- is costing companies way too much in today’s fast-paced business world. Meditation brings clarity of thoughts and helps individuals deal with stress effectively. It also improves their overall health and reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke, clinical depression and myriad of other conditions that cause employee absenteeism. Increased Productivity Practicing meditation will help improve general productivity of companies by enabling employees deal with stress effectively; focus more clearly on their own goals and the goals of the company; and communicate clearly with the other members of their team. Overall productivity of the company automatically improves when the productivity improves at individual level. It ultimately leads to increased profits and a healthier bottom line. Performance and Well-being Meditation helps change the habit patterns of mind. Through scientific and evidence based methods, it will instill useful mental habits that will optimize individual as well as team performance. Are you feeling stuck at crossroads of life, relationship, health or career? Life seems unmanageable and needs help?  I, Shallu Annand, can help you bring a positive shift now! Send me an email on

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