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Far away from everyday stress,lies a world of peace,well being and unparalleled connection called, "LIFE" !

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Regain Strength
Return To Being You !

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Healing and Empowerment  with Shallu Annand
Wellness Retreat In Himalayas

Wellness Retreats

Emotional Detox Retreats | Wellness Retreats | Women Circle | Meditation Retreat| Corporate Retreat| Personal Retreat

Transform from within, recharge, and rejuvenate in the lap of nature with a combination of amusement, excitement, celebration.

As your life and wellness coach, I design  experiences charged with positive energy while combining spirituality, adventure as well as a balance for the mind, body, and spirit

Integrated Healing Therapies

Trauma Healing | Cranio Sacral Balancing | Hypnotherapy | Breath Work | NLP | Mindfulness | Self-Hypnosis | Meditation

While applying an effective combination of advanced techniques, I work using various healing modalities for improving physical health, mental outlook, and quality of life a holistic approach.

I work towards establishing a balance between the body, mind, and soul through advanced techniques and by using a combination of various therapies.

Corporate Wellness

Enviormental Wellness | Work-life Balance | Stress Management | Mindfulness Programs | Team Building | Emotional Intelligence

My corporate wellness programs are designed to bring in a change for better workplace behavior and work culture.

The main objective of my corporate wellness programs is to enhance the happiness quotient at an individual level as well as collectively help achieve the same at organizational levels.

Life And Wellness Coaching

Emotional Wellness| Confidence Coaching | Transition Coaching | Relationship Coaching | Work life Balance | Emotional Intelligence

Overcome your struggles, be it a career, relationship, health, or things you always wanted to do.  As your Life Coach, I can help you bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be.

As your partner for self-transformation, I help you identify self-limiting beliefs and your resources to empower you with tools and strategies to achieve your goals.

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Come, Let's Talk

Give yourself a chance, a positive change is just a session away!

 This Open session is dedicated to help you to deal with your concerns with open heart and non-judgmental mind and respecting the confidentiality., may it be your health, relationship, confidence or anything which is bothering you to live best of your life. I will listen and understand your issues. I will also facilitate and design a customised wellness plans for you.

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Services: About
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