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Why Is It Important To Connect?

Only when you are able to feel yourself, you can also feel another person, and it doesn’t end there. When you interact with another person it is usually confrontation. They are standing in front of you and their very presence is saying, I am here. You can say, "No, you are not here, I have a story running in my head, I have a problem and I don’t see you…."And they say, "I am here in front of you, look at me, I want to interact with you.” Being with others bring you into the moment; that’s why the social connection is so important

When you hug another person you come out of your mind, out of your story, out of your judgement, out of your blaming, out of your problems. And that’s what meditation is about, to bring you back to the moment and for that, there is nothing as engaging as another human being. When you really enjoy dancing, it affects everybody and the feeling of "Wow, this feels great!” spreads out, the energy gets transmitted. That’s why social meditation is very important; they bring you to real interaction. Stay tuned to find out more about social meditation.


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