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What is Social Meditation ?

Meditation should not be serious, it is fun. If it is serious, then it is coming from the mind. No matter how much you try to touch it with your mind, it will not work.

When you open up, or when you are in love, then that is the feeling: its Wow, your heart opens up, and your mind is open. Your body is open and you start to feel all this electricity moving through your body and it feels great.

You can only reach there if you are playful; if you are serious than you can’t reach to meditation because you are limiting yourself to your mind only and meditation is much waster than your mental field. Meditation is a state of bliss, a space of being in tune with your self and your surroundings.

Social meditation is the art or using the other as a mirror to see yourself. It's an interactive meditation where you will be guided to dance, meet people and express yourself.

As these activities nourish your body and mind, you will be led naturally into a space of stillness and meditation. Social meditations are an easy and effective way of grounding you in the here and now. Very careful guidance through the various stages builds up and intensifies the meditation experience. How can social meditation be helpful in today's life? Meditation means always coming back to yourself. You can easily go astray by thinking that you are coming home-but you are not, you are still in tour mind. It's about feeling, feeling your body, feeling your heart, feeling your hands. Don't try to feel them, visualize them, just FEEL them. Always come back to the feeling senses, to your body. Its a loving exchange of energy vibration with dancing, hugging, singing, laughing and becoming friend with yourself and others. Social meditation brings you into the present moment in an enjoyable way-by being with others. You learn to be comfortable with yourself and with your body! You learn to be more open and confident! You learn the art of honest communication! You learn to forgive yourself and others too! You feel happier and more alive! Come, let's create an ocean of harmony with love and laughter !! For further assistance feel free to reach out to me on,


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