Our Team At Ocean Of Harmony

Our core understanding is finding inspiration in people around us and learn by sharing ourselves with qualified and experienced experts around the globe. Meet our dedicated faces who are happily committed to our organizational and community growth.

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Dipa Mair

Head Operations - U.S.A.

Dipa comes in with a background as a specialized expert in holistic health care delivery, health promotions for the mind-body connection. As a highly qualified nursing professional, she has a background in witness referral, medico-legal analysis, independent LNC Practioner as well as a medical care education program designer and provider.
Dipa comes in with years of professional experience in working with a vast network of physicians, nurses


Arti Raazdan

Counselor & Tarot Card Reader

Arti comes in with experience as a senior therapist who has conducted clinical psychology sessions, hypnotherapy, counseling, and meditative therapies globally. She brings in her knowledge, experience as well as expertise in meditative therapies, counseling for soft skills, mindfulness techniques for the benefit of corporates. She believes that these holistic approaches promote a healthy attitude towards resilience and emotional stability.

Palak Kapadia

Palak Kapadia

Yoga Therapist

A qualified and proficient Yoga therapist, Palak has dedicated her every day towards spiritual development in totality. With good interpersonal skills, Palak is also an Indian classical vocalist and a Reiki practitioner for the last eight years.

Palak comes with a deep sense of purpose and helps us discover the unlimited potential to create a mind-body balance in our lives with the help of Yoga and Ayurveda practices. While being sensitive to all emotional needs of various clients she has counseled regarding panchkosh therapy - further engaging in techniques of manomay khosa and pranmay kosha.

With experience in conducting wellness programs for Yoga Tourism, Palak offers therapy for facial paralysis, Pre-natal and Post-natal Yoga practice as well as advanced training programs in ashtanga yoga and chakra balancing.


Vishal Mathur

Director Liasoning

Vishal is backed by three decades of experience in the creative fields of Design, Brand Development, Information Technology, Digital Media, Client Servicing, Product Sales, and Channel Management.

With a passion for visual arts and design education he has contributed while teaching as visiting faculty at National Institute Design, NIFT, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, and still continues to be a visiting faculty to various institutions across the country.

Vishal is responsible for structuring the various workshops, training as well technological initiatives as key processes at Ocean of Harmony. As a professional with experience in planning and strategizing, he employs his expertise to align services while taking direct roles in various activities like liasoning, event organizing, communications, and also provides strategic support to overall operations at Ocean of Harmony.

vedanti dave

Vedanti Dave

Student's Program Coordinator & Facilitator

Vedanti is the youngest team member working along with Shallu Annand. Perusing her MBBS studies, Vedanti discovered that she has a great inclination and a passion towards the path of self-development, and scientifically backed approaches towards creating an holistic health and ways of living.
Her vision is to practice as a doctor and simultaneously contribute in the space of personal development, holistic health, fitness, nutrition, spirituality and managing interpersonal relationships.
With firm belief in development of spiritual life as the essence for the growth in career, relationships and intellect, Vedanti is a life enthusiast at heart with a dedication to creating a more meaningful and a blissful life for the people at large.