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Emotional Wellness & Confidence Coaching

Be Empowered

Do you think your emotions have played negative role in your life?

Are you constantly feeling low about yourself or unable to relax and let go of fear and anger?

Would you like to work to bring back confidence, joy, and a better relationship?

Emotions play a big role in our well being, our emotional state influences our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Instability of emotions can lead to unconscious behaviors, low on confidence, bad relationships, career, work-life balance, and bad mental health. Thus everything that is around us. It’s a time when one feels most vulnerable.

As a coach, I facilitate you in understanding the language of your emotions so that you can confidently take charge of your life. This newfound confidence will help convert day to day challenges into stepping stones and live the desired life.

My Emotional Wellness sessions enable you with tools and techniques to identify your pain areas, as well as empowers you to develop self-love & self-confidence to lead a better life. The sessions allow individuals to harness their own inner strength to create their own happiness quotient.

Emotional Wellness & Confidence Coaching: Services

How can I help you for with Emotional Wellness & Confidence Coaching?

My Emotional Wellness & Confidence coaching helps anyone who feels tied down by the lack of emotional balance or are constantly getting overwhelmed by negative emotions. You will be empowered to constructively respond to your thoughts and things that happen to you.

Life Coach Shallu Annand- Ahmedabad

My sessions are designed to provide you with an inner shift along with tools to make great moments to help you live a quality life.
Give yourself a chance...
A positive change is just a session away.

  • Anger Issues | Irritability

  • Sadness | Grief | Anxiety

  • Issues due to Hormonal Imbalances

  • Lack Of Self-Esteem | Shyness

  • Negative Thinking | Fear & Phobia

  • Trauma | Abuse | Stress-related Issue

  • Coping with Unanticipated Issues

  • Daily stressors | Managing Of Mood Swings

  • Inappropriate emotional responses

  • Hypersensitivity to criticism or rejection

Emotional Wellness & Confidence Coaching: Programs
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