Ocean Of Harmony

Wellness Redefined

At Ocean of Harmony your mental and emotional well-being is our topmost priority. Our services include individual, couples and group therapy – online and in person. We are passionate about creating a space for you to experience the wellness and thrive with your newly found unique well being strategy.

We offer a variety of Life Coaching, Counselling  and various Integrated Healing Therapy modalities crafted to your needs.

Ocean Rocks

Why Ocean Of Harmony ?

Are you experiencing anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, guilt, grief, disappointment, sadness, overwhelming anger or just a feeling of being stuck?  – At times, these feelings are consistent or they may be temporary – in whichever way it may it may be experienced by you – remember you deserve the best of Life.

The services offered at Ocean of Harmony are customized to the needs of various clients. Are you looking for help to understand where to begin? We are here to help you. Contact us and we will be happy to facilitate you with our services in your best interests.


Who We Are?

Ocean of Harmony is a mission founded by Life And Wellness Coach, Shallu Annand with the vision to help people re-discover fulfillment and joy in their lives. We conduct programs for well-being by offering One O One Sessions for individuals, Corporate Workshops, Integrated Healing Programs, Wellness Retreats as well as Group Workshops throughout the year.

Our group of therapists, coaches, and counselors are committed to helping people to achieve emotional, mental, and occupational well-being on an individual as well as organizational level.


We Offer One O One Session / Group Counselling, Integrated Healing Therapies and Life Coaching.

Anxiety, depression, addiction, worry, grief, and feelings of helplessness can be crippling. Our One O One Counselling, Therapy,  and Life Coaching Sessions are designed to provide you with an understanding of the origins of your feelings and the tools to navigate your life while developing better coping mechanisms and skills that alleviate suffering.

The Sessions offered at Ocean of Harmony are  for Couples, Teens, Family, Groups and Organisations.


The Outcomes

All our intensive sessions for counselling, therapies, workshops, programs  are a unique collaboration with the clients / groups / individuals or organizations to achieve the identified goals and workout methodologies for the following outcomes:

Emotional Wellness

Physical Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Social Wellness

Occupational Wellness

Financial Wellness

Corporate / Organisational Wellness

Environmental Wellness